Forest and outdoor activities that we conduct require the use of tools. They are necessary to create conditions for survival or directly to create and improve living conditions in desolate places.
We use improvised solutions as well as ready-made tools – and these must meet sometimes very high requirements.
First of all, the size – useful and at the same time not obstucting the free manipulation of the equipment, not restricting movement in the march; weight – ideally when we forget that we have a tool at all; Reliability and durability – if it is a cutting tool, it cannot lose sharpness after a few cuts, it cannot cause difficulties with restoring working sharpness in field conditions and with improvised techniques. Ultimately, we must be sure that it can withstand the impacts, bending, and other tortures they usually endure.
It is good if it also gives a positive aesthetic impression and pleases the eye 😉
Exorbitant requirements? Rather one defining a good quality tool.

They are perfectly fulfilled by the “Warrior” knife from Szczegot Hanmade – Knives & Outdoor Gear.
We chose the version with wooden handle and a perfectly presented, practical leather sheath.
Just because of our high-flown tastes 😉
The “Warrior” knife occupies one of the leading places among the blades used by us.

“Warrior” is not the only work of this craftsman that is in our equipment.
When we get touched by a note of nostalgia for life in the style of old wanderings, adventurers and explorers, we reach for the prototype canvas backpack Vintage Style – also created by Szczegot Hanmade – Knives & Outdoor Gear.
Made according to proven old patterns with a few ingenious solutions – a mat pocket, thanks to which we can stiffen the back part of the backpack, which causes gentle treatment of the back by the filled chamber and side tunnel pockets closed with Velcro at the bottom, what makes an axe handle, a folding saw or other long items fit perfectly.

The “Warrior” knife in the version we have and the Vintage Style backpack make a harmonious pair, perfectly matching the atmosphere of bushcraft and survival, and perfectly fulfill the functions for which they were created. Made by hand, they have the spirit in them, making the users happy.