About me

My name is Michał, I have been working with knives since the beginning of 2015.

In my work, I mainly use 80crv2 high-carbon steel, but in the near future I will also introduce stainless steel. As a material for the handle I use G10 laminates and linen micarta.

I feel the best with the tactical style, meaning aggressive designs and strong geometry, which was also recognized, among others, by a large group of Polish special forces soldiers who use my products, also on foreign missions, which I am very proud of.
I like challenges and unusual projects, which is why I specialize in difficult tanto cuts. The great advantage, apart from usability, is the fact that the knife you own simply pleases the eye.
All my productions are made by hand, without the use of CNC technology and laser cutting. All processes from designing and cutting out the template to tempering, and kydex covers are made by me.
In my offer I will also have textile products, backpacks and vintage winter canvas tents.